The Parlor Patron Appreciation: Ross Graham

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For the last eight years, Ralph and the team have worked tirelessly to pay close attention to every detail of a customer’s experience. They’d like to show their appreciation by featuring their loyal customers here. It’s understood that you always have a choice when it comes to a haircut, so Ross Graham, thank you for choosing The Parlor.

A message from Ross Graham…

I’ve been going to the Parlor for about a year now and I continue to return because of the outstanding job they do every time they cut my hair as well as the professionalism they show in every detail of their business.

My favorite part of The Parlor experience would be the attention to detail that makes every haircut perfect…every time. The ability of something as simple as a great haircut to make a man feel better about himself is something that is entirely overlooked these days by everyone except The Parlor. Also, the scalp massage isn’t bad!

One of my favorite events was the last scotch sampling that Your Parlor had with Iwan Reis cigar lounge. It was excellent to meet such a variety of people who all see the benefit to a quality haircut.

Refer Your Friends and You Shall Be Rewarded…

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The Parlor always takes care of its loyal customers. Send this link to your friends to print out this coupon and bring it in for $10 off their first service with us. As long as they fill out the “From” section, you too will be rewarded with $10 off your next service. It’s just another way to let you know we appreciate your business!

*limit 4 per person.

Favorite Products: Curlinterrupted Smoothing Conditioner

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While sometimes it’s OK to embrace a little frizz, it’s always nice to be able to run fingers through some smooth, shiny hair. If your lady is looking for a safe alternative to Keratin treatment, the Parlor has a new smoothing conditioner: Curlinterrupted by Sam Brocato.

Janine says…

“I’ve used the conditioner on a number of female clients. It controls frizz incredibly, and it makes my clients’ hair look shiny, smooth. The treatment lasts for a few days at least, and you can always order the product through our salon if you want the look to continue to last until your next haircut.”

This New York Times article discusses how Keratin treatment could possibly be hazardous to your health and how the Curlinterrupted smoothing treatment provides a much safer way to achieve the smooth look you’re going for.

Female clients: make sure to ask Janine about the smoothing conditioner next time you stop into the Parlor!

Did You Know…

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The Parlor gives complimentary haircuts to our customers’ kids. If your children need their manes tamed, bring them by for a haircut on the house!

The Parlor Patron Appreciation: Adrian Velazquez

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For the last eight years, Ralph and the team have worked tirelessly to pay close attention to every detail of a customer’s experience. They’d like to show their appreciation by featuring their loyal customers here. It’s understood that you always have a choice when it comes to a haircut, so Adrian Velazquez, thank you for choosing The Parlor.

I first came to the Parlor in mid of 2008. The Parlor was recommended to me by a co-worker, Emmanuel Liontakis. I was in need of a place to get my hair cut, because my barber who I went to for over 20 years was moving to Florida. I have been coming back ever since.

I love how The Parlor is a close and personal salon. Everyone knows everyone. The staff treats you like family, they don’t rush to cut your hair, so they can move on to the next client. They are very accommodating if you are running late.

There are many things that separate The Parlor form other places. The one that I enjoy the best is when they clean you up after the haircut. They wash your face, warm towel. I could fall asleep. That is what sticks out for me.

But the real treat is when Ralph tells his jokes, you will leave with your side hurting from laughing so much.

I may not say it all the time, and I should. I thank you all for making me look good, and I know I need a lot of help.

Thank you again, Love you guys!

Looks We Love– Men’s Spring Fashion

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Winter in Chicago has come and (almost) gone, and one thing is for sure: we’re ready for spring. But the question is… are our closets just as ready as we are?

Janine and Summer have some tips for guys looking for the right spring look.

Janine says…

Linen is in for spring. Though I don’t see it as often as I’d like, guys look really good in linen suits. GQ says to rock the wrinkles and dress up your linen suit with a pocket square, like Armie Hammer here from The Social Network.

Summer says…

Leather jackets always look good on a guy, and they’re timeless so one purchase can keep you going for a while!

Men look great in Khaki or linen pants. It’s nice to see the versatility in their style. Casual but sleek is incredibly sexy.

Photos from Our Community Party

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People are still talking about the fantastic time they had at our Parlor customer appreciation party! Here are some photos of the event in case you missed all the fun.

If the snow or bad weather kept you away, don’t worry! We’re planning on hosting another gathering in the springtime.







Did You Know…

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Petrosino’s Parlor donates to various charities in the Chicago area and wants to learn about more events. So far this year, we’ve given away more than $1500 worth of services for great causes such as Tickled Pink Chicago, The Chicago Lighthouse benefit and the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation‘s “No Tie Ball.”

Giving back to the Chicago communities that surround us is the best way for The Parlor to say “thank you.” If you volunteer for or participate in a worthy cause, let us know what we can do to help! We would love to hear about new charities and events to get involved with in the area.

Blow Drying Tips from The Parlor

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Part of the magic in your haircut at The Parlor is the the blow-dry and styling at the very end. In this video, Ralph teaches you how to achieve a salon professional style all on your own.

Thank You for Joining Us!

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The Parlor staff would like to thank friends for coming out to celebrate our community and business. We all had a blast and hope you did as well. Photos of the event will be posted later this week!
Thanks again!
Your Friends at The Parlor